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NL Award 2009
2009 – Navy League of the United States (Honorable Mention Council)

NL Award 2008
2008 – Navy League of the United States (Outstanding Council)


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The United States Navy League - Siam Council, Thailand is proud to be sponsored by the following organizations. These sponsors provide financial assistance, so that we can carry on our mission of promoting the US Navy in Thailand and providing hospitality and support for our visiting Sailors and Marines.

Please visit their websites by clicking on the links below.

Contact Information

  • Gulf Charters Thailand –
  • Marriott Hotel & Spa –
  • Mermaid’s Dive Center –
  • Nong Apartment –
  • Boonrawd Brewery Co.,Ltd. –
  • World Gems –

The Navy League of the United States - Siam Council, Thailand, invites you to join our organization.