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NL Award 2009
2009 – Navy League of the United States (Honorable Mention Council)

NL Award 2008
2008 – Navy League of the United States (Outstanding Council)

Navy League Siam Members

Directors & Officers

  1. President Peter Thorand—Retired, Maintenance Engineer Peter Thorand Email
  2. Executive Secretary Monnpapat TudtanapunMonnpapat Email
  3. Director Social Media—Toonkwan Nilawong Toonkwan Nilawong Email
  4. Director Public Relations (Thai)—Terapan Chuaprasert Terapan Chuaprasert Email
  5. Director Paul Salvette—General Manager, BB eBooks Paul Salvette Email


Our members come from many nations and speak a variety of languages, although we conduct our official business in English.

  1. Peter Thorand
  2. Lester Smith
  3. Sroisuda Duwichakornpongs
  4. Somchart Suwicharkornpongs
  5. Patricia Ong
  6. Sommsak Tamruengri
  7. Somchai Khiensar
  8. Peter Waagensen
  9. Vorachai Reungchaisiwawet
  10. Asanee Intaring
  11. Jedsada Buntoonrungsi
  12. Suwan Sanphaporn
  13. Kosol Kalapana
  14. Baimai Siliapmongkol
  15. Rear Admiral Chaiyot Sundaranaga, Royal Thai Navy
  16. Arkpan (Jib) Khiensar
  17. Kosit Cheamsuphakit, Royal Thai Navy
  18. Saranchana Suphirun
  19. Thanaporn Khiensar
  20. Andy Wenger
  21. Chutinant Bhirombhakdi
  22. Darrell P. Brown
  23. Palit Bhirombhakdi
  24. Sureeporn Kanoknak
  25. Brian Tully
  26. Reinhard Murer
  27. Paul Salvette
  28. Rear Admiral Jim Grunewald (US Navy, Ret.)
  29. Tawee Pigulthong, Royal Thai Marine Corps
  30. Chutcha Wiratyosin
  31. Somporn Naksuetrong
  32. Ms. Auttaya Promsiri
  33. Ms. Pathommarat Yimprasert
  34. Natsathida Thanatuisutanant
  35. Phensithon Khanthongkam
  36. Rear Admiral Paitoon Prasopsin
  37. Roger Leuzinger
  38. Peter Schmidt

Please Consider Joining

Our organization is unique among military-oriented groups in that it is a non-political, neutral, civilian organization. We are dedicated to education about maritime-related issues, and support of the men and women of the Sea Services of the U.S. Navy. Navy Leaguers bring to life our motto—"Citizens in Support of the Sea Services."

The Navy League of the United States - Siam Council, Thailand, invites you to join our organization.

Please note that members of other Navy Leagues that wish to join Navy League Siam must register directly with us.